Questions You Should Ask Your Masonry Repair Contractor

There is a list of questions that you should ask when selecting a masonry repair contractor in order to ensure that you are getting the best possible person for the job. The following list of questions will ensure that you are utilizing a quality masonry repair expert, versus someone that may be offering a low price but cannot offer a high quality of service. 

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Questions One: What is the Timeline of the Project?

The timeline of a project should be agreed upon prior to the start of any job. Any good contractor should seek to complete jobs within the estimated timeline to the best of their ability.

While there may be unforeseen circumstances, such as weather or buried debris in the ground, that will slow progress, the vast majority of jobs should be able to be completed in a predetermined time frame.

Question Two: Who Will Be Here on a Regular Basis?

Learn which masons will be on site on a regular basis, and make sure that those employees are well equipped to handle all of the seen and unforeseen challenges that the job may have. Do not let a company give you a quote for a master level job only to send a team of amateurs to do the work.

Questions Three: How Will Changes and Modifications to the Original Plan be Handled?

Minor changes and modifications are inevitable in nearly every masonry job, as conditions will never be exactly as planned. Blackwell Masonry handles all minor changes in a rapid fashion without having to bother the owner of the property. By default Blackwell chooses to always revert to the highest quality option. Any sort of change that will affect the dimensions, quality or visuals of the project should always be discussed with the owner. 

Question Four: How Will We Communicate?

Blackwell is able to communicate with clients via phone or email. If you wish to contact us, head over to our contact page.