Flagstone vs Stamped Concrete vs Patio Blocks vs Wood Patios

Flagstone, stamped concrete, patio blocks and wood are all competing materials for building a backyard patio. All of these materials have distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another. This article will go through the advantages of each patio material type in order to better inform you the customer as to what kind of patio is right in your situation. Blackwell Masonry specializes in all areas of masonry installation, repair and restoration, including patios. Click here to contact us today.

Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio gives an amazing natural stone look to a yard without having a high cost or long construction time. A flagstone patio seeks to incorporate itself into the natural landscape, and no extensive leveling or landscape modifications are required. A flagstone patio seeks to naturally blend into the existing environment - not change the environment to fit the patio. 

Because of the minimal leveling and landscaping required, a flagstone patio will typically have a lower overall cost when compared to competing patio types. Flagstone patios can usually be installed in a day, depending on the size of the patio.

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete patio is made up of one or more large concrete pads that are 'stamped' with a design in order to give the appearance of a block/stone style patio. A stamped concrete patio will have the longest lifespan of any patio type, as it is made up of thick concrete compared to thin patio stones. 

A stamped concrete patio will require a large money investment as it requires leveling of the yard as well as a concrete pour. A stamped concrete patio will take several days to complete, as time to form the concrete pour, as well as de-form it once the concrete is dry must be accounted for. 

Patio Blocks

Patio blocks are one of the most popular patio types - primarily due to the low cost and modular nature of a block style patio. Blocks can be placed or removed by the owner with minimal effort. 

A block style patio will require leveling prior to creation. This leveling is typically done with pea stone, a-gravel, or leveling sand. Over time a block style patio can become off-level as water, animals and other foreign agents burrow beneath the blocks. 

A block patio can typically be completed in a single day.

Wood Patio

A wood patio is a popular option that retains some of the natural look of a flagstone patio, but differs in that it does not seek to do so in an integrated, natural way. A wooden patio will require a level set of supports (typically concrete posts) that must be built prior to construction.

A wood patio has a moderate cost when compared to other patio types, as the supports and wood required to build the deck, as well as the labour hours required ramp the cost up. A wood patio can range from a day to a week to complete, depending the nature and complexity of the patio. If concrete support posts must be installed, it will add several days to the project.