Prices of Flagstone Walkways and Patios

When it comes to installing flagstone, there is always a cost involved. Typically, flagstone prices are expressed in square foot. These prices can be higher or lower depending on the type of stone you choose and where it comes from. Read on to learn more about the average pricing of flagstone walkways and patios.

Influences on Cost

As with any project, there are several factors that will determine the end total:

  • Some flagstone is expensive because it is limited in availability or hard to obtain.

  • Due to fuel and transportation costs, the farther you have to ship the flagstone the more it will cost.

  • If you order factory cut flagstone, installation will be cheaper because the labourers won't have to cut the stone themselves.

  • Variability of the stone (meaning different sizes and colours) will also influence costs. Typically contractors order 25% more than what they need so they don't have to do another order later on.

Average Prices

The typical minimum cost of flagstone is $3.90 per square foot, while the maximum cost is around $11.00. More durable pieces of flagstone may cost more and increase the overall walkway and landscaping budget. Costs can also fluctuate depending on the type of open joints that are installed. With installation, homeowners should expect to pay around $15-30 per square foot on a finished project. However, prices always vary per location.

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