How To Prepare Your Fireplace For Winter

The winter months can be hard on both fireplaces and nearby masonry, as the drastic temperature changes between the cold winter air and the hot fire can cause cracks and other defects to appear in the stone and brick. Blackwell Masonry is able to provide chimney repair and restoration to rectify this problem. Contact us today.

Arrange for An Annual Inspection

All fireplaces should be inspected annually. The recommended interval between inspections is every 80 fires. This is because with continued use a substance called creosote builds up, and can become a fire hazard if left unchecked. Creosote is a by product of wood smoke and is the primary reason why chimney cleanings are essential to fire safety.

Clear Out All Ashes

Ash should be cleaned out weekly, or when it reaches an inch in depth. Coals can stay hot and burn in the ash for up to three days after a fire, so be sure everything has cooled before you do any cleaning. 

When cleaning out the ash, open up the damper on your fireplace. This will cause the ash to be sucked up into the chimney instead of out into the room when you open up the fireplace

Burn Only Seasoned Fire Wood

Dry, seasoned firewood is the only wood that should be burned in an indoor fireplace. It causes the least amount of smoke, and as such the least amount of creosote buildup. Younger wood smolders, and can cause creosote build up to be accelerated. 

Remove Tree Branches and Vines From The Chimney

Natural hazards can lower the lifespan of the exterior health of your chimney. Your chimney will already wear quicker then the rest of your house, due to the temperature changes that the fire causes. Tree branches scraping and scratching against the chimney will cause increased wear. 

Vines growing up on the chimney will cause moisture to be trapped against the chimney walls. This moisture will erode brick, and weather siding much faster then normal weather wear. 

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