Define Masonry - What Is A Masonry Wall?

How can we define masonry? What is a masonry wall? What kinds of materials do masons use to build  durable, reliable structures that can withstand the test of time? This article will seek to answer these questions, and more. Contact us at Blackwell masonry if you are planning to build a wall or other masonry project and are unsure of how to go about it.

Masonry Constructions

The enduring image of the Great Wall of China reminds us that masonry walls have been around for a long time and are extraordinarily durable.The majority of buildings in the world are constructed of some form of masonry, whether it be something as basic as concrete blocks, or more elaborately dressed stone constructions. Masonry is also extensively used in the construction of decorative walls, landscaping walls and retaining walls, as well as patios, walkways, and entranceways.

Definition of Masonry

What exactly is masonry? The online version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines masonry as:

  • Something constructed of materials used by masons
  • The art, trade, or occupation of a mason
  • Work done by a mason

Without question, good stonemasons take pride in their work and see it as an art or skill that they have acquired through training and experience. The art of building stone walls is a time-honoured and has been handed down over the centuries, still playing an important role in our lives today.

Why Masons Use Specific Materials To Build Walls

In the art of masonry, stonemasons use strong, durable products such as brick, stone, block, and concrete to build long lasting and appealing structures such as walls. These materials usually display exceptional compressive strength, meaning that they can withstand heavy loads pressing down on them. This means, of course, that buildings and other structures such as bridges, arches, and memorials can be built to impressive heights.

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Masonry Wall Types

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