Who Can I Get to Fix Broken Flagstone

One of the best kinds of stones to use for patios is flagstone. It is durable, beautiful and adds value to any yard. However, it’s still stone and is subject to cracking and breaking. Fear not though, there are ways to fix it! Read on to found out how.

What is Flagstone?

To understand why it breaks, we need to determine what exactly flagstone is. Flagstone is a flat stone slab used for paving. It is typically rectangular or square, and is laid in a jigsaw like pattern. It is a sedimentary rock that has been hardened over times into sediment layers. Eventually flagstone is created through intense pressure and heat acting on these layers. Sedimentary rock is usually made up of sand, clay or organic sediments. Flagstone is light weight, pale in colour and resistant to heat absorption. It can be made of several different natural materials like shale, limestone, and sandstone. Flagstone can also be made out of marble. It comes in a variety of colours and the stone is always cut flat.

Why Does Flagstone Break?

Like any other kind of stone, flagstone is subject to the weather as well as temperature changes. Settling, as well as repeated freezing and thawing can eventually crack flagstone walks, steps and patios. Because it is a sedimentary stone (meaning it’s made up of layers) it is also prone to breaking in changing climates. If your flagstone is not set with mortar it has the greatest tendency to shift, which makes it much more likely to crack (however, not being set with mortar also makes it easy to fix). Typically you will start to see damage in your flagstone in the spring, after the cold has done its damage. This makes spring and summer one of the best times to fix your flagstone patio, since it won’t be constantly contracting and expanding.

Who Can Fix It?

With over 27 years of experience, Blackwell Masonry is your local masonry expert and can be trusted to fix your broken flagstone. Our many years of experience have given us an excellent attention to detail that we will use to fix your flagstone. We will be able to discern between a simple surface crack or a more serious structural issue and point you in the right direction.

The Benefits of Flagstone

While flagstone can certainly be subject to cracking, there are still several benefits of using flagstone for your patio. Some of the most prominent are:

  • Won’t be damaged by termites and pests

  • Commonly available, which makes it cost effective

  • Variety of colour choices available

  • Easy to work with, allowing you to create your dream patio for a good price

  • Variety of textures and styles available

  • Surface promotes traction

  • Looks natural

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