Flagstone Walkways Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph

Blackwell Masonry has over 25 years of experience providing masonry services in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Building durable walkways is one of our specialties. Our walkways add value to any property, and create a pleasing visual effect. Contact us if you are planning a new walkway, or would like to utilize one of the many other masonry services we offer. 



What is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that splits well along the plane, making it an ideal product for paving walkways, steps, and patios. It is usually composed of feldspar and quartz, and is durable and appealing to the eye.  

Benefits of Flagstone

There are many benefits to using flagstone as a paving solution. The product does well in a wide variety of climates, is durable, and is unlikely to crack or warp. In icy climates it allows for better grip than other surfaces, and properly installed it allows water to drain down through the joints rather then pooling or flowing to the outer edges of the fixture. Flagstone resists termites and other insects, is easy to work with, is commonly available, and works in a wide variety of areas.

Flagstone Options

Flagstone comes in a variety of colours, styles, shapes, and textures (although prices do vary). Price variations are due to availability, transportation costs, variability of the stone, whether it is cut or uncut, and several other minor factors. Typically, prices range from $3.90 to $11.00 per square foot. Including project installation costs usually brings the cost per square foot to $15-$30. 

                                                                                                               One of our many flagstone walkway projects.

                                                                                                              One of our many flagstone walkway projects.

Other Walkway Options

Stamped concrete, paving stones, blocks, gravel, decorative rocks, and stepping stones are other alternatives to flagstone. Contact us for expert suggestions and advice about the pros and cons of each of these options. 

Why Blackwell Masonry?

Blackwell Masonry provides quality walkway installations and has a wealth of experience gained over decades of service in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. We offer a no hassle, no fuss, smoothly run installation, with a minimum of disruption to your routine. The length of time required varies depending on a project, but most can be completed in a few days or less. Our expert team provides free estimates, and our workmanship comes with a 2 year guarantee.