Chimney Flue Masonry Repair and Restoration

At Blackwell Masonry we seek to create stone and brick fixtures that will last for decades. A chimney flue can certainly last that long if properly maintained and cared for, but sometimes repairs are necessary. Blackwell Masonry is a chimney specialist, and we are able to repair your flue back to its original condition. We have made quality masonry work our goal for the past 25 years. Contact us today to speak to an expert mason.

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What is a Chimney Flue?

A chimney flue (the metal component on top of the chimney in the picture) serves the purpose of exhausting gases from the fireplace into the outside world. A fire produces carbon monoxide, among other noxious gases, which must be safely exhausted. The flue, sometimes helped by a blower, is the top most component in any fireplaces exhaust system. 

An added bonus of a flue is that it often helps keep more heat from the fireplace inside your home, which is typically the whole point of the fire. A well maintained system will preserve as much heat as possible, while exhausting all harmful fumes and combustion by-products.

When Must it Be Repaired?

There is no set interval for repairing your chimney flue, although you should ask your chimney sweep to give it a look over when performing an annual chimney cleaning. A well maintained flue can last decades, but sometimes weather conditions, animals and other unforeseen conditions can shorten its lifespan. 

How Long Does a Repair Take?

Repairing a chimney flue involves the flue itself, as well as the brick/masonry around it. The job can typically be completed in a single day and the end result will last for years to come. 

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