Need Masons In Kitchener? We Can Help!

Need masons in Kitchener? We can help! Below is a list of some of the emergency repairs that the professional masons at Blackwell can do. If you have need of emergency repairs but are either outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph region, or want to shop around, read our article entitled "Masonry Contractors - How To Find A Good One."   Contact us at Blackwell Masonry for any masonry repairs or for your next project in stone.

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Repairs To Chimneys

Repairs Blackwell can easily perform to chimneys include brick replacement, repairing cracks, tuckpointing and more. See our post entitled, "Chimney Repair In The Kitchener - Waterloo Region" for more information. Don't take chances with your chimney, contact us for a free quote. 

"I loved the work and I'm highly recommending Blackwell Masonry to everyone." - Ron B

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Repairs To Fireplaces

One of the more common problems that occur with fireplaces is leaks. Leaks can either be caused by smoke damage or water damage and is an issue that should be dealt with immediately.  A leak can allow excessive heat or sparks to create a fire behind the walls and put you, your family, and your property in serious danger. Smoke that leaks from a fireplace into the rooms of a home can be a health hazard and water leaks can damage the structure of the home. For further information, read our article entitled "Fireplace Repair Kitchener." Also, take a look at our Fireplaces and Stove Services page.

Repairs To Walls, Stairways, and  Foundations

Parging foundations is necessary to prevent further damage to your home's structure, including potential leaks in the basement. Parging also improves the look of the home. If you want to learn more about parging, read our post entitled, "Parging Foundation Repair." Damaged bricks and mortar, if left unattended can cause all kinds of other problems to the structure of your home, so it is best to fix any problems you may have as soon as possible.

Why Choose A Professional Mason?

Good stonemasons don't grow on trees. Good masons take pride in their work, seeing it as an art or skill that has been passed down over the centuries. The best masons have acquired their skills through a hard-earned combination of hours of training and on the job experience. The art of building stone walls and carrying out masonry repair is a time-honoured tradition, and we at Blackwell pride ourselves in our exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. Make an appointment with us for your next project in stone.

Flagstone Patios - Get Design Ideas

In this article we link to 5 Flagstone Patio Design Ideas that will inspire you.  Take a look at the images on the links and we have no doubt that you will find something that inspire your patio creation. At Blackwell we have years of experience in flagstone patio installations. Contact us if you are planning a project. 

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5 Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make You Look Twice

In this article, we will have gathered links for five fireplace design ideas that will inspire you. What type of fireplace design idea best suits your home? Check out the images on the links and we are confident that you will find something that works in your residence. At Blackwell, we have years of experience in fireplace installations and repairs and have the experience to install most types of fireplace designs. Contact us if you are planning a project. 

Fireplace In A Window

This unique design provides a fireplace with a view. It's almost like having a bonfire outdoors. In the following picture, the fireplace takes centre stage in a stunning floor to ceiling construction, while the room is anchored by shelving. This makes for a  visually attractive and modern take on a library.


Modern And Traditional Fireplace Design Ideas - 35 Photos 

"Modern And Traditional Fireplace Design Ideas - 35 Photos" is a post that offers more than 30 contemporary and traditional fireplace design ideas. Here is one of their suggestions.

Traditional Style Kitchen Fireplace

For a new take on a traditional kitchen fireplace, consider this beautiful brick fireplace set in an eat-in kitchen. This makes for a great place to entertain your friends and family and includes plenty of space for the wood below the raised hearth. Check out the image below.

Cozy Kitchen Charm

This page collects 17 brightly coloured fireplace designs that will warm the heart of any fireplace fan. Explore this terrific collection of ideas. 

Mammoth Floor To Ceiling Stone Fireplace

A sensational stone floor to ceiling chimney draws the eye to the main feature in this cozy room. Stone makes an excellent choice when a more rustic feel is desired.

A Cozy Room

Here is a mammoth selection of winter fireplace ideas for our northern climate. There is something here for everyone.

Fireplace With Wooden Mantel & Surround

With a focus on what surrounds the fireplace, this post takes a different approach to fireplace ideas. The discussion will revolve around the walls, cupboards, and mantel as much as on the fireplace itself.

Prime Placement 

With large cupboards on either side of the fireplace, this room combines practicality with a strong central feature.

Extravagant Fireplace Steals The Show  

This centrally located fireplace dominates two rooms while also functioning as a divider. Consider this unusual layout when you have a particularly large space that you want to use to create visual excitement. 

  40 Stone Fireplace Designs From Classic To Contemporary Spaces 

Work your way through this selection of classic and contemporary fireplaces. You won't be disappointed. Consider the potential impact one of these designs could make to your home, then contact us at Blackwell Masonry for a free estimate.

Why Blackwell?

"We have had two separate jobs completed by Blackwell Masonry. The first involved removing an existing chimney in a manner that retained the integrity of the house design. The second involved rebuilding a large natural stone retaining wall. Both jobs were completed to our satisfaction, on time, and in a professional manner." -Theresa A.

At Blackwell Masonry, we pride ourselves on providing superior service. We offer extensive warranties and our designs are professional and enduring. Contact us if you are considering building a fireplace. Our experienced team will cause a minimum of disruption to your life and can complete most projects seen in these photos in a few days or less.


Wood Stove Designs vs Fireplace Designs

How can you decide whether woodstove designs or fireplace designs are the best choice for you? It is a special treat to come in from the Canadian cold and find a woodstove or fireplace pumping out a generous dose of  heat. In this post we discuss some of the distinctions between woodstoves and fireplaces to help you decide which is best suited to your home and your needs. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry if you are considering installing either of these alternatives.

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Brick Walls vs Stone Walls

What are the advantages and disadvantages of brick walls vs stone walls? Whether you are planning an exterior wall,  indoor accent wall, an addition or a renovation, this article well help you decide what is the best solution for your building project. Ultimately there is no clear winner in the choice between brick and stone, simply choose what best suits your personal taste, and monetary budget.

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