Wood Stove Designs vs Fireplace Designs

How can you decide whether wood stove designs or fireplace designs are the best choice for your home? It is a special treat to come in from the Canadian cold and find a wood stove or fireplace pumping out a generous dose of heat. In this post, we discuss some of the distinctions between wood stoves and fireplaces to help you decide which design is best suited to your home and your needs. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry if you are considering installing either of these alternatives.


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Heating Efficiency

A wood burning fireplace is generally less efficient at heating your home than a wood stove. This is because a sizeable portion of the heat generated from a fireplace will escape up through the chimney. By contrast, a wood stove can be up to 50% more energy efficient and will use less wood than a fireplace. However, if you are planning to heat only one room with a fireplace, it will probably cost less to install than a wood stove, thus bringing the initial construction cost down.

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Eye Appeal

Unless you particularly like a large black metal object intruding into the room, then most people would agree that the fireplace has much more eye appeal than a woodstove. Fireplaces can be constructed from a variety of materials including brick, stone and ceramics, meaning that you can create a themed room that is appealing to the eye. For a compromise, you might  choose a wood stove insert. This could occupy your fireplace area but retain some of the benefits of a traditional wood stove.

Safety In The Home

It should be obvious that burning a highly combustible material like wood inside your home brings certain dangers. However, properly managed, both wood stoves and fireplaces can be safely used.

Wood stoves are usually kept closed when they are in use unless they are being tended to. During that time, there is a danger of sparks escaping and reaching a flammable material on the floor or the person who is doing the tending. Furthermore, the exterior of the unit can become very hot, creating a burn danger.

Fireplaces are recessed into the wall so there is less of a likelihood of someone being burned, but as they are often open, there is a risk  of sparks escaping. Both carry the risk of creosote build-up in the chimney so regular, professional maintenance is a must.

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