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In this article, we have gathered links to five flagstone patio design ideas that will inspire you. Take a look at the images and the links below and we have no doubt that you will find something to inspire your patio creation. At Blackwell, we have years of experience in flagstone patio installations suitable for the Canadian climate. Contact us if you are planning a project. 

Flagstone Patio and Brick Fireplace

This great outdoor living space combines a flagstone patio with a brick outdoor fireplace making an excellent area to relax or entertain guests. Flagstone is an excellent choice for patios due to its durability, eye appeal and practicality. Call us if for an appointment if you want to discuss your project.

Patio Of Squares And Rounds

Take a look at this sunny design for a private corner of your garden. Square and round stones are combined to pleasing perfection as the colour accents in the furniture and flower pots complete the picture. Whether your project is small or large we can complete it to your satisfaction with our team of experts at Blackwell Masonry.

Porch Style Patio

With a classy blend of traditional and rustic, this flagstone patio doubles as an attractive porch. Notice how the walls and the patio blend together creating a pleasing whole that provides a strong contrast to the green of the lawn.

Round Patio With Furniture

Don't be square when you could be round. Picture yourself relaxing with your friends and loved ones in this perfectly round flagstone patio. Great for when you want to break up the monotony of straight lines in a small space. We can build your flagstone patio in any shape you like, so contact us now.  

Mediterranean Appeal

If you are hoping to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, consider this patio design from Better Homes And Gardens. Notice how this flagstone patio begins at the house with a square edge then flows out to a loosely defined edge, bordering the lawn, and providing a sense of anticipation of what lies beyond.

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Blackwell Masonry For Flagstone Patios

At Blackwell Masonry, we pride ourselves on providing superior service. We offer extensive warranties and our designs are professional and enduring. Contact us if you are considering installing a flagstone patio and we will be happy to construct a patio similar to any of those shown. Our experienced team will cause a minimum of disruption to your life and can complete most projects in a few days or less.


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