Brick Walls vs Stone Walls

What are the advantages and disadvantages of brick walls vs stone walls? Whether you are planning an exterior wall, interior accent wall, an addition or a renovation, this article will help you decide what is the best solution for your building project. Ultimately there is no clear winner in the choice between brick and stone. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry for a free estimate. We offer fast, high quality repairs.

Brick is Generally Less Expensive Than Stone

There are two main reasons that brick is generally less expensive than stone. The first is that, as bricks are manufactured, it is easier to keep production costs down. The second is that brick is easier and less time-consuming to work with than stone. Manufactured stone can be useful for cladding and is less expensive than natural stone, but more expensive than brick. Our staff is experienced with both brick and stone products.

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Brick and Stone on Exterior Walls

Both brick and stone offer advantages over other products. They are solid, durable, won't burn and are energy efficient. Brick and stone walls take a longer time than other building materials to warm up, but will retain heat well, which may be a problem if you live in a particularly warm environment. Natural stone walls are known for their coldness and may be more appealing in a hot climate as the thick walls keep the heat out. Lightweight, man-made stone is often used as cladding on exterior walls, providing a timeless appeal.

Comparing Brick and Stone Inside Your Home

You may wish to add appeal to a home by adding a brick or stone wall in a few rooms. A natural stone wall can provide a startling contrast to a plain wall and will especially if you incorporate other features such as a fireplace.

Both matching brick and stone walls can offer continuity from the exterior walls to the interior creating an intriguing appeal. Whereas brick will create uniformity and clean, straight lines, stone will provide a striking contrast to the straight lines found elsewhere in your home.

Environmental Impact

If you are thinking green - and what responsible person isn't these days - then both brick and stone have different environmental impacts. Locally sourced stone can cut down on transportation costs. Nevertheless, quarrying, dressing and transportation do have an impact.

Choose responsibly sourced local stone to minimize the environmental impact. Bricks offer the opportunity to get exactly the colour, texture and shape you want but are probably manufactured some distance away, meaning increased transport costs. Furthermore, cooking the brick is a heating process that creates an environmental impact.

Both brick and stone are excellent thermal mass insulation options. This is because both store more heat longer than framed homes.

Why Blackwell?

At Blackwell Masonry, we have decades of experience working with both brick and stone and can help advise you on the best choice for your project. Contact us to discuss your plans and take advantage of our free estimates. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will complete your project quickly and professionally. We are located in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. 


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