Brick Walls Vs Wooden Fences

Brick walls vs wooden fences - which of the two options make the most sense for your property? If you are planning on building a stone or brick wall in the Kitchener - Waterloo area, call Blackwell today for a free estimate. Below we list a few of the advantages and disadvantages of both choices. 

                Spreading plants being used to good effect on a stone wall

                Spreading plants being used to good effect on a stone wall

Advantages of a Brick or Stone Wall

Bricks and stone are durable and long lasting, so a brick wall makes an incredibly durable structure that will stand the test of time. Although more expensive than fences initially, they are far more durable and are relatively maintenance free, unlike wooden fences. In terms of appearance, walls add an air of solidity and permanence. A brick wall can be built in a couple of days if the work is done by professionals. This can especially be an asset if your home is of brick construction as it can bring a continuity and sense of flow to your property. 

A well designed and constructed wall can be an attractive feature. Bricks and stone come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and can even be painted if your are looking for an unusual effect. Plants can also be used to good effect in your wall design. Our team of stonemasons have decades of experience working with a wide range of brick and stone products.

Finally, a brick or stone wall can provide a greater degree of privacy than a wooden fence. If privacy is extremely important to you, then consider building a wall at least in those areas where it is required most.


                         A poorly maintained wooden fence creates a bad first impression

                         A poorly maintained wooden fence creates a bad first impression

Advantages of a Wooden Fence

Garden fences are an extremely popular choice for creating boundaries and adding appeal to your property. They are relatively inexpensive, reasonably durable, quicker to build than a wall, and an adventurous homeowner can often install one without hired help. They can also be painted to match the trim of the house and come in a variety of styles.

However, due to the wooden construction, they do need to be painted regularly if they are to last for more than a few years. If the fence is allowed to fall into disrepair, your property will look less attractive and the neighbours or potential buyers might be turned off. 

Fences can look fantastic if they are enclosing a ranch type property, but if you are in town you may be able to absorb the higher cost of a stone wall.

"We have had two separate jobs completed by Blackwell Masonry. The first involved removing an existing chimney in a manner that retained the integrity of the house design. The second involved rebuilding a large natural stone retaining wall. Both jobs were completed to our satisfaction, on time, and in a professional manner." -Theresa A.

Consider Your Requirements

What are you seeking to accomplish? Ask yourself some important questions, like the following, to reach the decision that best suits you:

Are you looking to surround your entire property? If so will your budget stretch that far? Are you planning to enclose a part of your property or just your patio? Is your goal to construct an eye-catching feature? Do you need to surround your pool? What kind of neighbourhood do you live in?

All these questions and more are relevant and worth asking before you take the plunge. Talk to us if you are looking for some advice.

Blackwell Masonry

At Blackwell, we have many years of experience designing and building brick and stone walls. Contact us today for a no obligation, free estimate and  advice. We take pride in our work and can complete most projects in a few days or less. 


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