Patio Blocks Versus Flagstones

Patio blocks (or "pavers" as they are often known) or flagstone - which do you prefer? If you are planning to design a new outdoor living space or remodel an existing one, this post will help you decide which better suits your purposes. If you are unsure, contact us at Blackwell Masonry and we will be happy to help you decide. This post will discuss when each choice is best.

Determine What Kind Of Look You Are Going For

Take a look at your house, property, and surrounding neighbourhood, as you may wish to base your decision at least partly on what is around you. Patio blocks and paving stones provide a neat uniform look that is modern, tidy and clean in appearance. Flagstone provides a more unique and individualistic style, with a historic appeal. Flagstone can provide an intriguing contrast to your house if it is modern, or can subtly blend in if your home is older. 

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                      Flagstone patio

                      Flagstone patio

Consider How You Plan To Use Space

At one time, summer living meant taking a couple of lawn chairs out on the grass and soaking up a few rays. These days people are extending their living space to the outdoors by the creative use of patios, walkways, pool surrounds and other outdoor spaces. Patio blocks, or pavers, tend to work best where you need to edge with a straight line. This makes them ideal for around the pool where flagstones don't always work well.

Some patio blocks and pavers can work well for driveways as they can withstand more pressure than flagstones. Furthermore, because flagstones vary in thickness and density they can be more susceptible to having weak areas within the stone itself. However, if you are looking for a more attractive option, especially around flower beds, flagstones tend to be more pleasing to the eye. 

Determine What Fits Your Budget

Your choice should also take practicality into consideration. There can be a large difference in pricing between pavers and flagstones. Pavers or patio blocks are a manufactured product and so they come in a vast array of colours, shapes and sizes. On the other hand, flagstones are a natural product so they are limited to what nature provides, with little help from human hands.

Generally, you are limited to the types of flagstones that are available in your  area, or close to by.  This being the case, flagstones generally cost more than patio blocks or paving stones. This is because transport costs can become prohibitive if you have your heart set on a particular type of stone.  They will often run in the $10- $20/square foot range. Due to their lower manufacturing costs, patio blocks and paving stones can cost as little as a dollar or two and run as high as $10 or more.

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