Stonework In The Kitchener - Waterloo Region

Historically there have been two types of stonework; rubble and ashlar. Professional stonemasons can work with either type to deliver the stonework project that you desire. Contact us at Blackwell for any type of stonework you require for your property.

You may be planning a stonework project for your property, yet be unsure how to describe what you are picturing. For example, do you envision a rough, relaxed approach to the stonework, or do you have a more even, precise look in mind? This article will help you to decide whether you have a preference for rubble masonry or ashlar masonry.

Rubble Masonry Wall

Rubble Masonry Wall

Rubble Masonry

The rubble masonry approach has been prevalent since ancient times and involves using roughly dressed or undressed stone. This means that the stone itself has had little or no treatment from a stonemason before use. The stones are joined together in an apparently random fashion with mortar.

Rubble masonry stonework is often seen in the countryside where stones of all shapes and sizes are pieced together to create a wall. Many times the wall is made of "dry stone," that is, without any mortar. This approach is often used in gardens and retaining walls, where a relaxed, more primitive appearance is appealing.

Ashlar Masonry Sandstone Wall

Ashlar Masonry Sandstone Wall

Ashlar Masonry

The ashlar masonry approach uses dressed stones that have been worked into specific shapes before use. This approach requires the stones to fit together precisely and uniformly. 

You will frequently observe the use of ashlar stonework in the architecture of your town or city, and is especially used in the construction of bridges, piers, abutments and other designs. Ashlar masonry is much more expensive and is less likely to be used in modern times. Stonemasons can achieve a similar effect with stone cladding which will give the appearance of ashlar masonry, without the cost.


Whichever approach you decide to choose, we can have your project professionally completed within a few days or less, and with a minimum of disruption to your life. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, as our happy clients will share with you.


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