Why You Should Hire a Stonemason to Build an Exterior Feature Wall

Stonemasons are skilled experts with experience at creating and building exterior feature walls. A well designed feature wall can add eye-catching appeal to your property. Below we list a number of reasons why you may wish to hire a stonemason to build an eye-catching feature for your property. Contact Blackwell Masonry if you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo or Cambridge area and are looking for a free estimate of building costs.

Stone Wall

Stone Wall

To Divide One Garden Area From Another

Particularly in a larger property it can be a good idea to separate areas of your yard for aesthetic purposes. Maybe you want your visitors to admire all the hard work that you have put into your flower beds, but don't want them to see your vegetable patch. Perhaps you want to create an air of mystery as you move around a wall to a differently themed area of your garden. Our team of experts can assist you in determining what best suits your requirements.


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To Separate Your Pool 

Sometimes it can be desirable to build a walled in area for your swimming pool. This can increase privacy in the pool area while leaving the remainder of the yard open.  A gated wall around a pool can also be an added safety feature while providing more appeal than a chain link fence. 

To Create a Private Seating Area

Some homes, particularly in urban areas, can be located very close to each other. Noise pollution can become a definite problem. However, an inspiring feature wall (or 2 or 3) can reduce the noise and provide the necessary privacy while also creating a different atmosphere than a simple hedge or fence might. Most new wall building projects can be carried out in only a few days. 

Rose Climbing Wall

Rose Climbing Wall

To Display Climbing And Potted Plants

A feature wall can provide a focal point to your patio area, just as a fireplace can do in an indoor space. Consider a wall that has built in areas for potted plants, and allows for climbing plants. A contoured wall can be used to create a dynamic, flowing space that leads the eye to another area of the yard. 

To Screen Off An Unattractive Area of Your Yard

Perhaps you have an unattractive or unsightly area of your yard. For example, you may wish  to hide your garbage and recycling areas, a garden shed or older garage. It could be that you simply don't want to see your neighbour's untidy patio area. Whatever your reason, screening off an undesirable area shows that you care what your yard looks like, by hiding those blemished areas that are a constant eyesore. 


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