Masonry Ideas For Your Property

Good masonry companies, like Blackwell, typically offer a wide range of services. Below we list a number of construction suggestions to make your yard look its best. At Blackwell Masonry, we stand firmly behind our work and will always give you a free estimate for any project you have in mind.


Walkways are a popular feature in backyards across Ontario. Their purpose is to provide a decorative and durable path to allow movement from one area of the yard to another. Walkways can be constructed of flagstones, bricks, cement blocks, concrete and other materials. Check out our article about flagstone walkways for further information. If you are unsure of what your yard needs, we can provide you with advice and suggestions.


Patios are an excellent feature if you wish to add value to your home. A properly installed patio also provides you with a great outdoor space to relax, spend time with your company, or simply enjoy the sunshine. Patios can be built in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and tailored to your specific needs. Like walkways, they can be constructed from a variety of materials. Read more about flagstone patios in our post entitled, "Flagstone Patio Construction And Pricing."


Masonry walls can serve a number of purposes. For example, they can provide separation when and where it is needed.  A wall can  provide privacy from neighbours, hide a vegetable garden or delineate a border. Walls can also provide strength and support where necessary, holding back earth and rocks in a sloping area. Finally, a decorative wall can be a decorative feature. Our staff has years of experience installing and repairing walls. Call us to discuss your project. 

Staircases And Entranceways

A stone staircase and entranceway can simply be a functional solution to getting into your home, or if particularly decorative, can set your home apart from those around it. Staircases and entranceways tend to be high traffic areas, so a durable stone provides you with the safety and longevity that you are looking for. If you have a new masonry construction project, consider our wealth of expertise and contact us.

Final Word

This is only a brief list of our services. Whatever your needs are, we stand by our motto of "getting the job done right the first time." Our happy customers are a testimony to the truth of that statement. Most jobs can be done in a couple of days with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your daily life.


"Did all the brickwork for my home. High-quality work. Very good to deal with." - Sam D.