Parging Foundation Repair

Spring is the time of year when cracks in masonry often become noticeable and when leaky basements frequently reveal themselves. If you live in the Kitchener - Waterloo area and your basement is in need of a parging foundation repair, contact us at Blackwell Masonry.

What is Parging?

Parging is the application of a thin layer of cement, usually to a foundation or basement wall. This common construction practice is somewhat similar to creating a stucco finish but uses a masonry based mortar. Parging can be applied over new or existing walls depending on your requirements. At Blackwell Masonry, we have years of experience in parging foundation repair and can carry out most projects in a day or less.

Parged Foundation Wall

Parged Foundation Wall

Why Parge?

Parging is often applied to bare concrete blocks or bricks to improve the look of the property. The smooth appearance of the applied concrete is attractive to the eye and smooths out any uneven joints in the mortar between the blocks. However, as a building ages, cracks in the existing parging may appear, requiring repair. Parging can also be an important weapon in the fight against water intrusion into the foundation or basement. 

Steps In Parging

  • Remove all loose mortar from the wall
  •  Dampen the affected area with a soft spray of water
  •  Mix the cement in a wheelbarrow
  •  Using a trowel, spread the cement mixture onto the wall
  •  Using a broom, sweep over the area 
  • Allow 24 hours to dry
  •  Spray the area until damp again, then apply a second coat
Parged Foundation Wall

Parged Foundation Wall

Choose Blackwell

At Blackwell, we guarantee all our work, provide quality workmanship, and always take a professional approach. With almost three decades of experience in the industry, we can provide base repair, foundation membranes, and all manner of decorative base work. Call us today for a free estimate.


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What Is Parging?

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