Brick Masonry - New Construction And Repair

It may seem like an over-simplification, but there are essentially two types of masonry projects that we carry out:  new constructions and repair of older constructions.  Masonry is the long established art of working with stone and we have considerable experience in working with both new and old properties. Call us if you have a project in mind.

If you have a brick masonry project planned and are unsure of how to proceed, contact us for a free estimate. Our no-hassle, high-quality, precision workmanship has earned us the positive reputation as the masonry specialists  of the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph region.

Your New Project

We will work closely with you to ensure that your new project meets the requirements that you have envisioned for it while also meeting all legal standards. Whether it be a new wall, stone walkway or staircase, chimney or other masonry project, you can be sure that our team will approach the task with professionalism. 

Your Masonry Repair Project

Every masonry structure requires maintenance, and eventually repairs. Over the years we have repaired chimneys, fireplaces, walls, foundations, stone walkways and much more. Sometimes the repair is a project that can be carried out relatively quickly and inexpensively, like  replacing caulking or damaged flashing. We have also carried out many extensive repairs where serious damage has occurred. Often these are the result of years of neglect, water damage or poorly built foundations. Whatever your project may require, we are more than up to the task!

Types Of Brick Masonry Construction Projects

Tuckpointing, masonry signs, additions, glass block constructions, insurance claims and window and door installations are all types of projects that we can undertake. Most construction jobs can be carried out in just a few days or less.


"We have had two separate jobs completed by Blackwell Masonry. The first involved removing an existing chimney in a manner that retained the integrity of the house design.The second involved rebuilding a large natural stone retaining wall. Both jobs were completed to our satisfaction, on time, and in a professional manner." - Theresa A.

Masonry Specialists

We are trusted masonry specialists, committed to carrying out our projects on time and affordably. Our work will improve the structural integrity of your property while also enhancing its appearance. Every project comes with a guarantee. Ask us for a free estimate.