What Is The Cost of a Chimney Liner? Is it Worth it?

We are often asked about chimney repairs, and how much a chimney liner might cost. Please contact us for a free estimate if you are considering any chimney projects as we are experts in this type of masonry work.

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In the following sections we cover both the definition of a chimney liner the costs involved and the value in adding one. We have one of the highest reputations in the Kitchener-Waterloo region for chimney repairs and installations. 

Chimney Liner Definition

A chimney liner is fabricated lining that is inserted into the chimney. It is usually metal, clay or ceramic, and may be inserted during construction or at a later date, depending on the specific requirements.  Our team has years of experience in chimney construction and repair. For more information about liners, their types and advantages, read our post entitled, "What is a Chimney Liner and Should I Get One?"

                                     Photo courtesy of Dana Barthel

                                     Photo courtesy of Dana Barthel

What Does A Chimney Liner Cost?

Costs will, of course, vary depending on the individual chimney and the type of lining required. Many liner installations can be completed in a day or less and will cost a few thousand dollars or less. To find out what your liner will cost, don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.  You can rest assured that we take pride in carrying out our work in a day or two with minimum fuss and disruption to your day. 

Is It Worth It?

How do you know if a new chimney liner is worth it? A chimney liner provides numerous benefits. First, it ensures that the smoke exits the top of the chimney and does not escape through any cracks in the masonry and into your home. Secondly, it can improve the performance of your fireplace as a stainless steel liner allows your chimney to handle hotter gases than mere masonry. Third, it creates a cleaner burn preventing creosote build up and increased cleaning costs. Finally, it restricts the impact of moisture, gases, excessive heat and vapors from impacting the masonry in your chimney, thus reducing chimney repairs and extending chimney life. 


A chimney liner is a valuable addition to your property. We have been in business in the Kitchener-Waterloo region since 1987 and have the experience and professional approach you are looking for. All our work is guaranteed. Contact us for your chimney liner today.


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