Stone Fireplace Cracked? We Can Repair It

A cracked fireplace can be an eyesore and a potential safety hazard. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry if you have a stone fireplace that is cracked as we can repair it. 

Examine Your Fireplace Regularly

It is always best to take the time to examine your fireplace for damage. In the fireplace, the bricks and mortar are exposed to excessive heat. From outdoors, there is also cold weather, the building settling, and possibly even earthquakes.

Fire Hazard

A crack in the mortar of a fireplace is an extremely dangerous fire hazard and should be repaired immediately. This is because cinders and sparks can potentially enter between the crack(s) and start a fire in the walls behind the fireplace. Don't postpone the problem, simply book an appointment with us.


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Smoke Hazard

Cracked fireplaces can also allow smoke to enter the room, thus causing a carbon monoxide hazard. Carbon monoxide poisoning is life-threatening. By ignoring a cracked stone fireplace, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. We have decades of experience dealing with fireplace and stove problems, and can quickly and efficiently resolve the problem by repairing the cracks.

Repair or Replace

If the fireplace is sufficiently damaged, it may take a professional to decide whether the fireplace should simply be repaired or needs replacing. Replacing  a fireplace is best done by professionals and can often be completed in a day or less.

Steps In Repairing a Cracked Fireplace

First, the damaged bricks and loose mortar need to be removed and the affected area cleaned. This also allows for closer inspection of the damaged area, and may even reveal further damage than was initially suspected.

New mortar then needs to be prepared and applied to the cracks, while damaged bricks must be replaced with new ones. Any excess mortar needs to be removed and the affected area smoothed. Drying usually requires at least 24-48 hours. At Blackwell Masonry we are efficient, fast and conscientious, always leaving the work area clean and tidy.

Final Word

While stone fireplaces are an attractive and functional option for many homes, it must be remembered that, like many areas of your home, they require special care and attention. Get a free estimate by contacting our experienced and professional team at Blackwell before attempting any DIY repairs. We are liscensed to carry out upgrades that meet code, can repair smoke and water leaks; and install cold air kits, inserts, fireplace doors, and terra-cotta tile hearths. 

Why Blackwell?

We have the necessary experience. We deliver quality craftsmanship. We take a professional approach and provide a guarantee. 


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