Chimney Repair In The Kitchener Waterloo Region

Contact us for your chimney repairs. At Blackwell Masonry we have years of experience that make us the superior choice for chimney repairs throughout the Kitchener - Waterloo region. 

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Why Maintain Your Chimney?

A poorly maintained chimney can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Beyond this, a poorly maintained chimney can pose many structural and safety concerns to both your house and you. Therefore, it is vitally important to examine your chimney to detect any damage so that it can repaired easily and cost effectively.

Well Maintained Chimneys Add Value

Chimneys are becoming a popular feature in modern real estate, especially on larger homes. A well maintained chimney adds value to your property, as well as an air of sophistication and old-world charm.   

However, it is essential to ensure that your chimney is maintained by professionals, as a poorly maintained chimney can result in cracks in the mortar or liner. These issues can cause sparks and carbon monoxide, leading to possible fire, health and property hazards. 

Weather Damage

There are certain types of weather that can cause this kind of damage quickly. Do a visual check of your chimney after a bad storm. We typically experience extreme Canadian weather in the Kitchener - Waterloo region that can affect the condition of your chimney.

Winter ice build up can also damage the mortar and base of the chimney, so look for spider cracks and missing chunks of masonry. If left unattended, this kind of damage can develop into bigger problems, eventually destroying the chimney crown and even the chimney itself. Click here for an article about repairing cracked masonry.

Always examine your roof after a severe storm, as occasionally large branches detach from trees and hit roofs and chimneys. Our team of experts can quickly determine whether your chimney needs attention. Call us for a free estimate.

Why Blackwell Masonry?

Blackwell Masonry is a family run business that was begun in the 1980's by Jim Blackwell. Jim and his sons, Conrad and Devon, have worked on a wide variety of chimney repair projects over the years, and have all the experience needed to complete your project to the highest level of quality.


"I wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent customer service. When the parging work was done, the workers took the time to try and be careful with the plants in the garden beds around my home. They were courteous and left the space clean. When a few weeks later we discovered that the parging on one of the walls had some cracks, you came back right away and completed repair work without any fuss or hassle. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to deal with your company. Thank you for setting a great example of what customer service looks like." - Wanda W.


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