Masonry contractors - How To Find A Good One

It can be tough to find masonry contractors that are able to carry out high end, professional quality work. To help in this search, we have compiled the top 5 tips to in order to show you how to find the best contractor. Blackwell Masonry has years of experience producing high quality, precision masonry work. Contact us today  and let our team take the stress out of your project.

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1. Ask Friends and Family Members

When it comes to finding a contractor, nothing beats first hand experience and testimonials. Ask your friends and family members which contractors  they have used in the past, and if they would recommend their services.  Consider using social media to ask the question on Facebook or Twitter as well. You may find that some friends of your friends also have useful words of advice to give you!

2. Contact A Selection Of Masonry Contractors

Contact a few masonry contractors and ask them to meet with you. This can help you gauge how well they will treat you. If they are difficult to get hold of, are unresponsive, rude, or otherwise unprofessional, it's a good indication that they will behave that way if you hire them. At Blackwell Masonry we promise a professional approach, and we guarantee our work. 

3. Ask For References

Ask for references so that you can call to see what their customers say about them. If they cannot or are unwilling to provide references then consider it a red flag.  Find out if they have previously carried out the type of project you are planning. Determine whether they are experienced at multiple types of projects such as remodelling, new installations, restorations and repairs.

4. Ask To See A Sample

Ask to see a sample of their work. Do they have a website or Facebook page with images of their successfully completed projects? If possible, drive to some of the locations of their past jobs to examine their work. 

5. Check For Reviews Using Google

Search Google for customer reviews to determine if a masonry contractor has a good reputation.  Although a negative review in isolation may not be of concern, it still raises a question you can ask when you meet the contractor face to face.

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At Blackwell Masonry we have 25 years of experience producing high quality, precision masonry work, that is done to last. Blackwell is located in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. Call us for a free estimate when you are planning your next project.