Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installs

A chimney liner is an important part of your chimney system. This article will provide a definition of a chimney liner, explain why liners are necessary, and the results. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry if you are considering any changes to your fireplace or liner and live in the Kitchener - Waterloo, Cambridge area.

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Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Definition

A stainless steel chimney liner is a manufactured lining that is inserted into the chimney. The liner may be inserted during construction or at a later date, depending on the specific requirements.  Our team has years of experience in chimney construction and repair. For more information about liners, their types and advantages, read our post entitled, "What is a Chimney Liner and Should I Get One?"


Why You Need A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

Chimneys without liners are more likely to allow noxious and dangerous hot gases to escape into your home. This is because the bricks and the mortar on the inside deteriorate over time. Gases then can leak through to the living area of the home. Many older homes, especially those built before the 1940's, still do not have a chimney liner and, although they may have had the interior of the chimney tiled or parged at some point in the past, tiles and parging become cracked and porous over time. This means that they pose a heightened fire risk. Although it may be possible in some cases to repair damaged tiles or parging, it is usually best to install a stainless steel liner.

In addition, even homes that have liners in place for some time need to be aware that these wear out also. If you are concerned that your liner may be deteriorating or has become a health or fire hazard, call a professional chimney expert immediately.

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Stainless Steel Liner Advantages

Stainless steel liners have a number of advantages. First, they tend to take less time to install, which makes the installer's job easier and lowers your costs. Secondly, they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit most chimneys and fireplaces. Third, depending on your home, you may have the option of either a rigid or a flexible liner.

Rigid liners can be easier for the chimney sweep to clean, but as their name suggests, are only suitable in straight chimneys.  Flexible liners are used where the chimney has one or more bends in it. They also tend to attract less creosote in the first place, as the flexing and contracting caused by temperature fluctuations tends to cause the creosote to fall off.

Installation & Result

Although some are capable of installing a stainless steel chimney liner, it is best left to the professionals. This is due to the nature of the work and the possible repercussions (health hazards and possible chimney fires)  if the installation is not done correctly. 

A stainless steel chimney liner will help your fire to burn more efficiently, reduce condensation, prevent noxious gases and smoke from entering your home, and reduce risks of chimney fires. Most installations can be accomplished in a few hours with a minimum of disruption to your daily activities.


A stainless steel chimney liner is a valuable addition to your property. We have been in business in the Kitchener-Waterloo region since 1987 and have the experience and professional approach you are looking for. All our work is guaranteed. Contact us for your chimney liner today.


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