5 Outdoor Steps Ideas That Will Make You Look Twice

In this post, we have gathered a collection of some of the finest outdoor steps ideas on the internet. The following are 5 ideas (and links to many more) to inspire your outdoor stairway projects. Contact the experts at Blackwell Masonry for any type of stone masonry project you may have in mind.

Striking Steps

This striking series of small steps winds its way through a varied collection of plants and shrubs, leading up to the entrance. Working with flagstone is one of our specialties, so call us if you are considering an approach like this.

50+ Landscaping Ideas With Stone 

This site includes many landscaping ideas with stone, including a selection of steps and staircases in stone. Our team of experts have decades of experience working with stone so call us for a free estimate for your project. 

Stone And Greenery Blend

Blend flagstones, concrete and plants to create a fascinating outdoor stairway that will amaze your family and friends. Include outdoor lighting to illuminate the effect in the evenings.

15 Inspiring Designs Of Garden Stairs 

Explore an attractive collection of garden stairs designs at this site. There are styles to fit every budget and idea that you might have. 

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Stunning Stairs And Retaining Wall Blend

Make a stunning statement with this stone staircase and retaining wall idea that is perfect for properties with a severe slope. The project blends beautifully with a flagstone patio and timber deck.

Stone Stairways

This site focuses on stone steps and staircases. The theme is rugged and has a traditional appeal to it. Contact us if you require a stone staircase built into your slope or hillside.

Outdoor Concrete Steps

Concrete and gravel create a simplistic, minimalist appearance in this stunning staircase. The contrast with the brilliant green of the hedges and trees provides a calming atmosphere.

15 Concrete Exterior Stair Design 

This site gathers some of the best concrete designs across the internet and offers you a selection of attractive ideas for your property.

Stepping Stone Stairways

Combining practicality, functionality and fun, this staircase has a timeless appeal. Use it to lead from a driveway to a main entrance, or position it in your backyard to lead down to a patio or other outdoor feature. 

Stepping Stones Stairways

Explore this collection of stepping stone stairways and get inspired. The images are all very practical and traditional in appearance and would make the perfect addition to many yards in the Kingston-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas. 

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