5 Inspiring Front and Backyard Landscaping Ideas - Hardscaping Kitchener

In this article, we have gathered links for backyard landscaping ideas that will inspire you. We also define the term, "hardscaping," and explain how stonemasons can help you with your hardscaping project.  Look through the images on the links and use them to help you create your own unique design. At Blackwell, we have years of hardscaping experience in the Kitchener - Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas. Contact us if you are planning a project. 

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Hardscaping Definition

Where landscaping refers to the practice of maximizing the impact of the living areas of your yard, specifically plantlife; hardscaping refers to the hard elements. These include, but are not limited to, the stone, paving, brick and concrete areas of your property. Professional hardscaping will improve the value and visual appeal of your property.

Integrated Pool, Patio and Stone Fireplace

Picture yourself entertaining your guests in your perfectly planned and executed pool, patio and stone fireplace. The three areas are perfectly integrated using stone walkways, yet are loosely defined by the stone separating walls and fireplace.

Integrated Outdoor Space 

This link provides 20 hardscaping ideas that will help you to visualize how to integrate your indoor living area with your outdoor space.

Hardscape Your Front Yard

If you are short of backyard space, like being neighbourly or simply enjoy the view from your front yard, consider hardscaping your front yard. This yard incorporates a flagstone patio with the pathway leading up to the front entrance.

Eye-Popping Hardscapes

Are you wondering how to liven up your front yard with some unique and personal hardscaping ideas. Check out these four front yard hardscaping ideas. 

Let Your Space Flow

Watch your guests eyes pop as they take in the curves and flows of this backyard space. From the doorway to the lower level, the yard incorporates boulders, lawn, patio, a bbq, seating areas and the house itself into a perfectly blending and eye-pleasing whole.

Backyard Pictures

With a large collection of hardscaping ideas, this site will be sure to get you thinking about possibilities for your yard. Contact us if you want to tailor one of these ideas to suit your specific needs.

Big Hardscape

Think big when it comes to hardscaping. For example, think of all the overgrown pathways you have seen with plants hanging over and making them difficult to negotiate. Consider all the patios that are too small for the outdoor furniture and bbq sets that are placed on them.

Stretch A Small Yard

Do you have a smaller yard? Then think big in order to stretch your yard with some of the ideas included in this link.

Patio With Firepit

Brighten up your summer evening with a patio firepit. Create an attractive centrepiece for your outdoor space by constructing an attractive stone firepit. Use brick, flagstone or fieldstone to design your unique centrepiece.

Hardscaping Ideas

Practical project ideas galore are available at this link. Every project has its unique twist and,  due to the individual nature of your property, yours can too. Contact us to discuss what we can do to improve your property's appearance.

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