5 More Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make You Look Again

As a follow up to our post, "5 More Fireplace Design Ideas That Will Make You Look Again,"  here are 5 more designs of fireplaces to spark your imagination. As in the first article, we have gathered links to unique fireplace design ideas that will help you to make plans for your property.  Follow the links and we have no doubt that you will discover a design that makes sense for your home. Contact us if you are planning to make changes to your property, as our team has decades of experience installing fireplaces and chimneys and will happy to help you make your dream become a reality.  

Create A Curve

Create a curve in your bedroom or any room in your house with this unique fireplace. The colour coordinated flagstones provide a rugged backdrop for the delicate blend of cushions, clay pots and colored candles. 

 Curved Comfort

Cruise through this collection of 25 inspiring fireplace designs. Treat yourself to the design of your choosing.

Keep Things Simple

Keep things simple with this minimalist idea that emphasizes clean, sharp lines. This design is ideal for those who prefer a gas fireplace. 

Minimalist Fireplace

This selection of home fireplace design ideas will help you to find the future focal point for your room. Whether you are planning to upgrade an existing fireplace or to create a new one, a fireplace is a great addition to any room.

All Wall

Create a statement with a fireplace that is all wall. Stretching from one side of the room to the other, this stone fireplace is truly breathtaking.

Wall To Wall 

Work your way through this wonderful collection of 30 stone fireplace ideas that are perfect for a cozy, country inspired home. Whether you use brick or stone veneer, the effect is stunning.

Versatile Fireplace

This functional and versatile fireplace is flexible enough to be used in almost any room. Ideal for a smaller living-room, perfect for a bedroom, basement or kitchen, simply use your imagination to picture it in pride of place in your property.

Versatile Fireplaces

Sort through this selection of fireplace ideas that are designed to add flavour to your home. Appealing to more traditional tastes, nevertheless the ideas are traditional with a twist.

Stone Appeal 

Looking for all the world like the ruins of a castle wall from some Hollywood fantasy movie, this stone fireplace is truly rustic in its timeless appeal. Blending boulders with solid timber beams you will sleep safe and secure in your stone haven.

Cozy Rustic

In this selection, you will find a wide variety of ideas with a rustic theme. Fireplaces, chimneys, mantels, and other decorative ideas. Whichever idea you choose you will be happy with the result.

We have had two separate jobs completed by Blackwell Masonry. The first involved removing an existing chimney in a manner that retained the integrity of the house design. The second involved rebuilding a large natural stone retaining wall. Both jobs were completed to our satisfaction, on time, and in a professional manner. - Theresa A.

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