5 Brick BBQ And Grilling Station Ideas

At Blackwell Masonry, we believe in stunning designs, so here we have gathered a collection of some of the most creative brick BBQ and grilling station ideas that we could find. Take a look at the 5 ideas and check out the links to other images that will expand your mind. Contact the experts at Blackwell Masonry if you are considering any brick or stone BBQ for your property. 


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Island In the Sun

This striking, one of a kind outdoor kitchen and BBQ area will delight your friends and family. Consider building one near your patio to enhance your outdoor living area.

5 Covetable DIY Backyard BBQ Islands 

This site provides 5 unique backyard BBQ island ideas. Some are in brick and flagstone while others are in wood. If you are inspired to design or develop one of the ideas you see, call us for a free estimate.

Love The Letter "L"

Make your dramatic L-shaped outdoor BBQ and kitchen the centrepiece of your patio. Create a flagstone design that shows off your BBQ and your cooking skills while your guests relax on your patio.

Outdoor Kitchens 

This attractive website displays a number of outdoor selections, some of which would be appropriate for our northern climate. Our professional staff can assist you in choosing a style that would be appropriate for your property.

BBQ Courtyard

Create a division between your BBQ area and your patio seating area with this BBQ courtyard in stone. This would be particularly appropriate if you are trying to create a more rustic, outdoor look but want to keep the details of the cooking discretely distant.

20 Outdoor Kitchens And Grilling Stations

With a wealth of good design ideas, this article will spark your enthusiasm for a redesigned outdoor space. Take a look at the designs and choose one that will fit your style and budget. Remember, at Blackwell Masonry we are professional stonemasons with decades of experience in speciality stone work as well as the more common services we provide.

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Throw A Curve Ball

Consider creating an eye-catching curved outdoor kitchen like this one. Let your eye cruise the curve while you cook up a quick meal or a culinary delight. Place the outdoor kitchen in such a way as to break up the linear flow of your backyard or patio.

Signature Living Curved Custom Outdoor Living 

This site features a number of different outdoor living kitchens and islands. Choose a style and we will do our best to replicate it. Most of our projects can be carried out in 2 days or less and with a minimum of disruption to your busy schedule.

Mediterranean Mood

Take into account what you want your outdoor space to look like in the evening, then use flagstone and thoughtfully placed lighting to pull it off. Screen the area with a wall for extra privacy and intimacy.

13 Upgrades To Your Outdoor Grilling Area

Let your imagination run riot with this selection of ideas for outdoor grilling areas. Make a selection based on your requirements, property, budget and dreams. Watch us make your dream become a reality. Contact us at Blackwell Masonry for all your stone and brick projects.

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