Wood Burning Fireplace Repair

Wood burning fireplace creates additional stress on a chimney/fireplace when compared to natural gas or other cleaner fuels. The particles given off by the burning of wood are released into the chimney/fireplace and begin to coat all of the exposed interior surfaces. This coating can accelerate decay as it traps moisture and impurities directly against the brick/stone of the fireplace and chimney.

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What Causes Fireplaces to Deteriorate?

Smoke, moisture and intense temperature changes are all contributing factors to causing fireplaces and chimney systems to wear out. When wood burns, the smoke deposits small particles across the interior of the fireplace and chimney. These particles build up over time and in turn cause more moisture and micro-organisms to grow in the fireplace. This increase in moisture, micro-organisms and debris accelerates the decaying process of bricks and mortar, and can even affect the structural quality of stone if given enough time. 

Beyond this, during the winter months a fireplace may be fairly cold while not in use. The sudden temperature change of a fire will cause the fireplace to increase in temperature by hundreds of degrees celsius. This temperature change can cause stone and brick to crack as it expands/bends due to the temperature change.

Blackwell is Highly Experienced Repairing Fireplaces

Blackwell has operated as a masonry company in the Kitchener Waterloo region for over two decades and has experience servicing the most demanding jobs, including landscape masonry, chimney repair, heritage homes and fireplace repair

Blackwell uses the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the years to repair your fireplace using the most effective techniques designed to maximize the lifespan of your chimney. We are able to repair all types of wood burning fireplaces to near perfect quality.

A fireplace can usually be repaired in an afternoon.