The Benefits of Masonry

Many people overlook masonry when choosing the materials and styles with which to build their homes. While Masonry does tend to be the more expensive option in terms of the initial bottom line, over the life of the building masonry is clearly the better option.

Masonry Provides a Proven Structural System

It goes without saying that masonry is a well proven structural system. The history of masonry’s use in construction can be traced back thousands of years. ThePyramids in Egypt are still standing today some 3000 years after they were built. Masonry has more modern uses as well. There are standing today numerous 20 floor sky scrapers which depend on masonry techniques for their strength.

Masonry Uses Green Materials

Masonry’s main building materials, brick and stone, are very green when compared to most other building materials. Brick and stone have a much longer lifespan then most other building materials, are excellent heat insulators, and are produced in ways that don’t necessitate the level of environmental devastation as seen in the production of many types of woods and plastics.

Masonry is an Excellent Noise Barrier

Masonry materials such as stone and brick tends to be good noise barriers. This is due to the dense properties of these materials. Beyond this, since masonry tends to result in uniformly thick walls, there are not the same issues with so called ‘loud spots,’ that can be seen with other building materials. There are even types of brick that are specially designed for sound absorbing that can be used in high noise areas.

Masonry Comes in a Large Range of Aesthetic Choices

Often when people think about masonry, either grey stone or red brick comes to mind. While these are classic choices, with modern production and extraction techniques masonry materials can come in a whole range of colours and textures to match any project.

Masonry is a Great Fire Barrier

For a fire to burn it needs fuel, and there is little to no fuel in masonry products. Because of this lack of fuel, stone and brick make a wonderful fire barrier, which can be seen in their historic use in chimneys. A fire that will completely destroy almost any other type of building material, may only lightly damage masonry materials.

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