What is a Chimney Liner and Should I Get One?

Chimney liners have become more popular in recent years, but many people do not know what they are for and are confused as to whether or not they should install one. This article will talk about some of the advantages of chimney liners, and what makes them a good investment. Blackwell Masonry specializes in providing chimney repair and restoration, as well as other masonry services to customers in the Kitchener/Waterloo region. Click here to contact us today.

What is a Chimney Liner?

A chimney liner is a sort of tubing or pipe - typically made of a corrosion resistant metal - that is inserted into your chimney. The chimney liner serves to funnel smoke outside, so the smoke never comes into contact with the brick of the chimney. As such, a chimney liner can greatly extend the lifespan of your chimney.


Chimney liners have many advantages:

  • Safety: a chimney liner ensures that all smoke makes it out the top of the chimney, and does not escape out of cracks into your upper floors or attic. 
  • Increased heating system performance: a stainless steel chimney liner is required for those who wish to run their furnace, stove or other heating unit through their masonry chimney. The liner allows for hotter gases, which means a cleaner burning reaction.
  • Reduced creosote: less creosote is formed due to the cleaner burning process.
  • Increased chimney lifespan: a liner keeps moisture, gases and other vapours away from the brick in your chimney, which allows the brick to last longer.

Should I Get One?

A chimney liner is recommended to anyone who uses their fireplace regularly. The benefits mentioned above make a compelling case to install a chimney liner in every home that has a wood burning fireplace. Liners can be installed in as little as an afternoon.

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